This is my gift to you!


Meet Mike

As an entrepreneur myself, I know the struggles all too well. I've devoted my life to making entrepreneurship simple.

Let's start with my fancy schmancy resume:

  • I have been blessed with over half a million readers of my books.
  • I have keynoted at the world's biggest business events.
  • I have built four multi-million-dollar companies and sold two of them: one to private equity and another to a Fortune 500.

Nice stuff for a resume (and I am truly grateful), but those are just peak moments from decades of entrepreneurial struggles.

In addition to those successes, I have also: lost my house once, lost my entire fortune twice, launched ten failed businesses, and experienced years of depression.

I became a business author with a clear mission: Eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.

Successful entrepreneurship is not easy, but it can be a whole lot simpler.